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Experimental Films

Third Shift Coming Home
Director, Cinematographer, Camera, Editor, Sound
HD Video, Stereo, BW and Color, 26 minutes
This audio-visual tone poem uses the language of filmmaking to offer a first-hand evocation of the turbulent psychological effects one can experience due to prolonged lack of sunlight.
Available Mid 2024
Ribalta Premi-Competition (1).png
Migratory Impulse
Seagull Film 2.jpg
Director, Cinematographer, Camera, Editor, Sound
35mm Lomokino to HD Video, Mono, Black & White, 1 Minute
This micro-short film takes what would otherwise be a serene moment of meditation at an idyllic landscape, and uses unconventional means of sound and image capture to pervert it with the anxieties of decay, uninhabitability and threat.
Available Soon  
Abyssal Communion
Director, Cinematographer, Camera, Editor, Sound
HD Video, Stereo, Color, 4 min.
At a specific time at a specific place, in the absence of any living thing, a beacon transmits a strange signal into a watery vacuum.

Shot spontaneously on an afternoon walk with an iPhone SE.
Currently in Production
Screen Shot 2023-01-25 at 4.32.33 PM.png
As Observed Through 32 Temporal Perspectives of my Hometown
Untitled 1.jpg
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