Music for Film

Play With Me

Film Directed by Joanna Strange
& Produced by Laura Wynne

For this commission, I was given the direction of producing music that aligned with "creepy horror but slightly indie. I interpreted that direction by making a score more ambient than orchestral. Sounds were sourced from a combination of Logic Pro's analog and modeling synthesizers as well as the sample library. Despite the impressionistic design of the music, samples of orchestral instruments were used, but abstracted to the point of being unrecognizable with the use of reverb and distortion. This created sounds that felt organic, but otherworldly, supporting the supernatural horror elements of the story. 
Produced Digitally by Tyler Quinn, 2017

Bruce Almighty

Performed by the Keweenaw Symphony Orchestra
Conducted by Joel Neves
This composition served as my final project for my music composition class at Michigan Tech. I was tasked with choosing from a set of clips from studio movies and composing for a full orchestra. After working on several disturbing, horror based compositions, I chose to change things up a bit with Bruce Almighty, a comedy. I chose to compose a piece that would emphasize Bruce's euphoria and pigheadedness over his newly acquired divine powers. To do so I composed primarily a bombastic, jazzy score. I also designed a couple of cues to compliment the actions of the thugs.
Recorded and mixed by Noah Budd, 2017

A Panicky Picnic

In my music composition class at Michigan Tech, I was assigned to compose music for any video I wanted. I researched disturbing silent films, and came across Segundo de Chomón's surreal nightmare vision. With further research, I discovered that when I looked up "A Panicky Picnic" on youtube, there were little to no uploads that included music, and the few that included solo piano and sounded very monochromatic, bland and didn't compliment the visuals. The visuals are what struck me the most about the film. In addition to the impressive (for 1909) special effects, there were a lot of funny, over the top movements from the actors. I thought this film deserved better than the scores I had heard for it, thus I chose to compose one that was very cue based towards the visuals. I also composed to accentuate the differences between the idyllic and nightmarish events depicted in the film.
Programmed by Tyler Quinn, 2017

Arctic Luminescence

Devin Deal - Viola
Erin Mackenzie - Cello
Andrew Summers - Piano

In my music composition class at Michigan Tech, I was assigned to compose music for this time lapse video of the Northern Lights over a snowy landscape. The viola primarily plays the lead, and the rapidly played melody is composed to accentuate the serpentine movements of the lights. The cello is used as the bass because the high frequencies produced when the bow makes contact with the strings produces a rather cold sounding temperature. The piano is mostly used to flesh out the arrangement and keep the piece interesting.   
Recorded and mixed by Mark Amber, 2017