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Recording for Picture

From Our House to Yours Summer Theatre
2 Across | Violet | Mind the Gap
Recorded At The Playhouse at White Lake
Recorded May - July 2020
Even during the tumultuous first wave of COVID-19, I was invited back to my long term theater home to handle sound for The Playhouse at White Lake's innovative 2020 Summer Theater Festival. The theater crew became something resembling a film crew with camera operators capturing 3 different angles of video and I recording actor's dialogue and designing sound effects that were later synced to picture. In order to maintain safety measures, all maskless actors were people who in reality lived together. The dialogue tracks were captured with skin colored body mics attached to actors faces as well as boundary mics to add a little bit of room sound into the mix. The shows were streamed to ticket buyers through and mastered at -23 LUFS with the knowledge that they would likely be heared through modest home systems either on TV or laptop speakers, headphones or possibly home theater speakers.
Claire Beaman - Technical Director, Scenic and Lighting Designer
Caroline Arana - Production Manager and Costumer
Hannah Erdman - Production Assistant and Stage Manager
Jack Zwemer - Production Assistant, Camera Operator/Film Editor
Billy D. Mann - Camera Operator/Film Editor
Tyler Quinn - Sound Designer and Engineer
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