Studio Recording

Recorded At Michigan Technological University
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered September - December 2018
Recording the death growls
Recording the death growls

Vocal booth
Vocal booth

Trumpet tracking
Trumpet tracking

Recording the death growls
Recording the death growls

Luke Johnson - Death Vocals
Katy Gula - Soprano Choir Voice
Kate Lawson - Alto Choir Voice
Jonah Schulte - Bass Choir Voice
Patrick Valencia - Acoustic Guitar
Allen Harrision - Electric Guitar
Aaron Christianson - Trumpet
Mike Christianson - Trombone
Karl Heinonen - Drums
Tyler Quinn - Bass Guitar, Tenor Choir Voice, Sound Design and Additional Percussion

This piece was composed with the intention of creating an avant-garde death metal epic. It was recorded with the goal of avoiding a modern Djent sound and hearkening back to an earlier era of European metal, with a darker operatic sound and only minor use of pro tools precision editing.
Music composition and lyrics by Tyler Quinn, 2018
Stuart Hartger solo Recordings
Recorded in Stuart Hartger's home
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered July - August 2018

"Fingerstyle 1"

"Fingerstyle 3"

"Fingerstyle 4"