Animated Films

As Director, Writer, Animator, Editor, Music Composer, Sound Designer, recording and mixing engineer.
Night Terrors
Horror Comedy Film - 2016
Night Terrors examines youth nihilism, demoralization and desensitization by focusing on two vampire siblings, Stoker and Lita. Perpetually grounded inside an inconspicuous, decaying hovel, Stoker and Lita spend their eternity cut off from the outside world by their conflicted, concerned father, due to a dangerous and impulsive act of murderous debauchery. One day, entrusting them to behave themselves in his absence, the Father leaves Stoker and Lita for a couple of days due to personal matters. It takes them no time at all to decide to use the most of their time with a similarly degenerate spree. They soon find out that it was probably a better idea to have remained hidden.
Epic Science Fantasy Film - 2015
Wizcorp follows the adventure of four brilliant Wizard engineers that work for an infinitely powerful technology company. They are one day assigned to embark on a quest to obtain a rare mineral, protected by a ghastly monster. The mineral is to be used as an engine for a new product created by Wizcorp that will change all life as they know it. Drawing on elements of high fantasy, and 70s era science fiction, Wizcorp occupies a bustling and mysterious fantasy world. It examines the endless pursuit of mankind to invent, create and innovate, while also providing glimpses of the danger of limitless advancement.