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Other film and video projects

Satisfaction Guaranteed
Tyler Quinn: Producer, Co-Director, Cinematographer and Editor
Director: Trish Helsel
Stage Manager: Sarah Hamilton
Sound Recording and Editing: Jason Bates
This video was recorded as a projection for Michigan Technological University's production of "I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change". This scene directed to support the comic aspects of the script, including the intrusiveness of the attorney's presences in the lives of the couples and edited to emphasize the most obnoxious qualities of lawyer commercials.
Ring of Steel: MTU v. NMU Theatrical Sword Fight
Tyler Quinn: Producer, Director of Photography, Camera A Operator, Editor and Sound Designer
Ryan Nicklas: Camera B Operator
Christopher Plummer: Camera C Operator and Faculty Consultant
Aaron Christianson: Sound Recordist
Ring of Steel Combat Theater: Fight Choreography
When approaching sound for this project, my goal was to create an immersive and feverishly disorienting experience that would place the audience into the chaotic, violent action. I was inspired by Akira Kurosawa's multiple camera approach for Seven Samurai, and designated a camera for static wide full shots, one for mobile medium shots in the right hemisphere of the action and another in wider shots on the left hemisphere of the action. The ground cameras act as witnesses the carnage, placing the audience directly in the fight. The video contains no mise-en-scene because this was a final exercise for a workshop rather than a full-fledged production. Because of this I chose to evoke the mood of particularly visceral brawl rather than an action epic. Thus a combative metal song was chosen to underscore the mood I created.
A Haunted Mine: The Lost Labs of Dr. Z
Tyler Quinn: Producer, Director, Cinematographer, Camera and Editor
Daniel Warner: Sound Recordist
Brian Briseno: Lightboard operator
Sarah Martens: Costumes
This film was projected as three separate pre-recorded videos into a live environment in the Quincy Haunted Mine for the annual Halloween tours. The figures were designed to be ghosts that address the guests as they stop in the classroom during the tour. The following is a simulation of the event. 
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Stock Footage

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