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Special Sound Projects

Divine Voxel Engine (Gaming Engine)
Sound Designer
The Divine Voxel engine is a multi-threaded JavaScript voxel game engine written in TypeScript that uses Babylon.Js. The overall design quality of the engine at large is to evoke a spiritual experience. Thus the sound follows suit in that design quality. It is also designed to compliment the visual fidelity, employing a mixture of real-world and synthetic sounds, to hearken back to the sound quality of 3D games of yesteryear. There are two classes of world materials, Dream and Dread. Dream materials have a lighter, airier quality, while Dread Materials have a heavier, darker quality. Each material (grass, stone, wood, etc.) has it's own unique set of footstep sounds as well. 
Click here to learn more about the Divine Voxel Engine.
Nyarlethotep (Audio-Play)
Director, script revisonist, co-sound designer
with Allen Harrison
A radio drama adapting the H.P Lovecraft short story. This piece is designed to evoke the fears I experienced during the year of 2016. Through my design I created decaying environments culminating in an apocalyptic event. I emphasized themes of mass hysteria, demogogism, societal unrest and feminism to support this adaptation.
Featured Voices
Sarah Martens
Outer God
Tyler Quinn
Individual 1
Tristan Robb
Individual 2
Callisto Cortez
Individual 3
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