Sound Design for Film

Ring of Steel: MTU v. NMU Theatrical Sword Fight
Tyler Quinn: Director of Photography, Camera A Operator, Editor and Sound Designer
Ryan Nicklas: Camera B Operator
Christopher Plummer: Camera C Operator and Faculty Consultant
Aaron Christianson: Sound Recordist
Ring of Steel Combat Theater: Fight Choreography
When approaching sound for this project, my goal was to create an immersive and feverishly disorienting experience that would place the audience into the chaotic, violent action. All combatants were recorded after the fight separately so we could get their isolated sword hits. This allowed us to use clean, isolated recordings for each set of fighting partners as they appear on screen. The sound design shifts to a sickly quality partway through the evoke stress and fatigue as the fighting comes to a head and combatants begin to die. I chose to use "Milk Lizard" by the Dillinger Escape Plan as a backing track because of it's provocatively aggressive energy to convey a feeling of bloodlust.
Sound Redesign for an Excerpt from "ghost in the SHell"
With this project, I drew upon the more lighthearted anime shows of my youth, particularly Dragon Ball Z, when designing the sound. Around this time, my sound design class had discussed mainstream action sound. We specifically looked at Transformers and the loud mixing and dense construction. I figured it would be fun to include the two designs, and I ended up with a goofy, over the top action film sound design.
"Django Unchained" Foley Rework
Sound Redesign for "Mirror"
A collaboration with my good friend and talented colleague, Yannick Christensen. We found the original sound design to be unimpressive, and sought to create a thick, otherworldy and deeply unsettling atmosphere. I also did the voice work for the character who stumbles upon the mirror as well as the monster.
This was a project as part of the coursework for my sound design class. I was given this clip from Django Unchained as a completely silent video. I recorded and performed the sound effects of objects and surfaces being interacted with. The Foley toys were all objects that I either borrowed from Michigan Tech's prop storage, or objects I found in the studio. Such toys include an old broken banjo for the rifle, a squeaky stool for the saloon doors and an old metal desk lamp used for the spring and clicking of the pistol.  
Night Terrors
Horror Comedy Film - 2016
When approaching the design as a whole for this film, I chose to make the vampires similar to drug addicts. With blood acting as a narrative substitute for Heroine. This is reflected in their sluggish lifestyle, depraved and nihilistic acts of debauchery and the state of their home. In designing the sound, I chose to focus largely on the filth of their house, but combining it with creepy nocturnal sounds that could be associated with creatures of the night. Thus there are a lot of really atmospheric room tones, gales from outside, pipes dripping, gauzy reverbs and creaky wood. Additionally, careful attention was used for the blood and gore sound effects in order to push the horror and disgust of the audience.
Epic Science Fantasy Film - 2015
Wizcorp combines elements of Tolkien influenced high-fantasy and 70s futuristic science fiction. I sought to combine these elements in the sound design. A notable example is with any piece of technology a wizard uses. Their magic wands are pieces of highly advance technology that combine science and the mystical arts. Thus the sounds they make are combinations of tiny servos, synthesizer effects, processed air samples and otherworldly drones. Attention was also given making distinctly different atmospheres to the frontiers which they explore; the desert, the forest and the castle.