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Studio Recording

Recorded At Michigan Technological University
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered September - December 2018
Luke Johnson - Death Vocals
Katy Gula - Soprano Choir Voice
Kate Lawson - Alto Choir Voice
Jonah Schulte - Bass Choir Voice
Patrick Valencia - Acoustic Guitar
Allen Harrision - Electric Guitar
Aaron Christianson - Trumpet
Mike Christianson - Trombone
Karl Heinonen - Drums
Tyler Quinn - Bass Guitar, Tenor Choir Voice, Sound Design and Additional Percussion

This piece was composed with the intention of creating an avant-garde death metal epic. It was recorded with the goal of avoiding a modern Djent sound and hearkening back to an earlier era of European metal, with a darker operatic sound and only minor use of pro tools precision editing.
Music composition and lyrics by Tyler Quinn, 2018
Tick Tock
by Truck Driver Bingo
Recorded At a DIY basement apartment Studio

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered April - May 2022
Tick Tock - Frank Galante
Frank Galante - Vocals, Lead Guitar and Songwriter
Rob Landis - Rhythm Guitar, co-production
Jim Nichol - Bass Guitar
Hank Cupp - Drums

This original blues song was recorded live in a makeshift recording studio set up in a basement apartment with a minimalist production ethos. The instruments occupied a mere 7 inputs with control room talkback occupying the 8th input on the interface. Each instrument was recorded in a separate room of the apartment to prevent crosstalk between instruments. The drums were miked minimally using only a mic on the kick, the snare and the rest of the kit with a mono overhead.
Recorded, mixed, mastered and Co-Produced by Tyler Quinn
Bonus Warmup Jam
Jam - Frank Galante
Stuart Hartger solo Recordings
Recorded in Stuart Hartger's home
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered July - August 2018

"Fingerstyle 1"

"Fingerstyle 3"

"Fingerstyle 4"

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